Switch On the Power of Your Skin!

Switch on…your life can change by just a little trigger.*

Haven’t you ever experienced the moment
when you felt a switch turned on in your life?

The charmer you have been,
you must have many such experiences in your life.
Through the years people sometimes think that

“I am satisfied with what I have accomplished.
But I would be so much happier if I could recover the beauty of those days.”

A new and simple-to-apply skin care brand is now available to grant such dream.

Note: Kazuo Murakami, University of Tsukuba professor emeritus and a foremost researcher in the field of genetic engineering, has described in his book “The Divine Code of Life”, that the mechanism of a gene to whether or not create a protein or enzyme is like having an "on-off" switch.
He also describes that when gene switches are turned on in your body, you will see a life-changing experience, and any human can grow at any age.

Switch-On Beta Essence

Switch-On Alfa Lotion
(Face lotion)

Launch on February 12, 2016

Switch on the power of your skin.

Innovative vitamin C and E derivatives uniquely combined in the products revitalize
the ageing skin and regenerate weakened cellular processes.

The latest composite ingredients such as resveratrol and niacinamide work synergistically to switch on your skin to actively produce moisture.

When your skin’s switch turns from “off” to “on”,

Your wonderful life becomes more and more brilliant.

2 steps to switch on the power of your skin
and make it thoroughly hydrated.

2 STEP Switch-On Mechanism

1st STEP is to make your skin deeply hydrated.

Keeping your skin hydrated
is the basic for every skin care method.

Switching the dry skin to deeply hydrated skin
is the 1st STEP to rejuvenate your skin
and regain its primary functions.

The director has put his heart into developing the high concentration compounding technique of vitamin C and E derivatives up to now.

The crystal of the sublimed technique
turns on the switch of your skin
and make your skin deeply hydrated.

You may have wondered if ageing were the cause
for visible fine lines and wrinkles.

As fresh water pours out from spring
and a lush green oasis
appears somewhere in a desert,

the 1st STEP switches your dry skin to deeply hydrated skin.

2nd STEP Harmony of the latest multiple ingredients

2nd STEP is led by the harmony of the latest multiple ingredients; RESVERATROL derived from grape and NIACINAMIDE.

Recently research on so called long-life genes is making progress at a rapid pace.

It is pointed out that both RESVERATROL and NIACINAMIDE have important association with long-life genes.

Every combined ingredient is thoroughly designed and carefully selected to bring out the highest performance.
With this essence, your lustrous hydrated skin will be switched on to become active and fulfil its primary functions.

When the power of your skin is switched on,
your dream comes true and you
begin a whole new life.

Switch-On Beta Essence

Switch-On Alfa Lotion
(Face lotion)

Launch on February 12, 2016